Downe Wholesome Beef

At Downe Wholesome Beef, our top priority is to provide our customers with quality nutrient dense beef. Because we mimic nature’s grazing design, our pastures have no need for chemical fertilizer or poison to control weeds.

The health of our cattle is superior because they are allowed to consume forages, not grain, all year long. We don’t vaccinate our cattle because they have natural immunity to bovine diseases. We grow our cattle out slowly to increase the nutrient density of the beef which allows us to refrain from the use of antibiotics and manmade growth hormones.

We realize to produce nutrient dense beef, we must manage for optimum soil health, which means we use no insecticides or larvicides on our cattle. Doing so would kill the healthy microorganisms in the soil.

We daily practice wise management decisions that promote healthy soil and nutrient dense forages consumed by our cattle for optimal nutrient dense beef.

Soy-Free, Pasture-Raised Eggs

Our eggs are more than just “free range” or “yard eggs.” Eggs are one of the most complete and nutritious foods available, especially when they come from chickens raised exclusively on pasture and supplemented with a non-GMO and soy-free feed.

Our hens are in a totally mobile paddock that enables us to move them as needed to provide plenty of fresh scratching ground, lots of bugs, and ample forage to eat to make their delicious, nutrient-dense eggs. The color of our egg yolks is related to seasonal forage availability. The yolks are naturally deep golden orange, full of vitamin A and other essential nutrients.

You will find that our eggs vary in size, taste, and color from season to season and from hen to hen. Our eggs are totally unprocessed except the occasional light chemical-free washing when necessary. All eggs will be fresh and delicious!

Raw Local Honey

Our bee apiary, consisting of 20 hives, is here in New Waverly and forage on trees and flowers in the woods near our home. We don’t treat our bees with any chemicals, and we take pride in taking excellent care of them.

Our honey is “raw honey”, which is best described as honey “as it exists in the beehive.” It is extracted from the beehive, strained, and poured straight into the jar, bypassing commercial processing methods.

Most of the health benefits of honey can be attributed to its antioxidants and enzymes. Because commercial honeys are processed, they may have lower levels of antioxidants.

My honey is crystallized. Has it gone bad?

Crystallization is a natural process for honey. Cooler temperatures increase the rate at which honey will crystalize. It’s easy to bring it to a liquid again by just setting your honey in a bowl of warm water. Be sure not to make the water too hot, as raising the temperature of the honey above 110 degrees will begin to remove some of the good enzymes!

We are passionate about fresh, quality food for your family.

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